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Ready to dive deeper. Access the keys that will open the door to your most optimal life.

3-Month training

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Root to


Our pelvic bowl and floor health is key to the way we move through life.

22 Day Training

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Heal Your Gut,

Trust Your Gut.

Releasing the bloat, gas and holding in your gut, look better, feel better and reignite your intuition.

3- Month Training

What Others Have Said

"Working with Dr. Angela W. Lead me on a physical spiritual and emotional journey to learn about myself and what’s happening within my body."

Brenda M.

Dr. Angela was a wealth of knowledge in her course, Heal Your Gut, Trust your Gut.   I’m still using all the skills I learned to keep my gut healthy, and my body nourished.  I highly recommend Dr. Angela!!

Nancy S.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeking the expertise of Dr. Wojtowicz. The care, attention and vast knowledge she shared got me through from day 1. She’s amazing! 

Cynthia C.

The KeyStone Call
Do you feel there is a missing key that will bring harmony to your health and wellbeing?
This is it, you are not alone.  Dr. Angela can be your guide.
Click below to schedule a Keystone Call with Dr. Angela. 

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