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Heal Your Gut, Trust Your Gut

We have all heard how important our digestion is to our overall health and wellbeing.  In this program, we will learn how to nourish ourselves in ways that allow us to have a happy tummy. Tools and habits will be established that we will have for the rest of our lives. We will learn to listen to and work with our bodies and our intuition.  Say goodbye to bloat, pain and indigestion.  A happy tummy is a happy life.  

Key concepts include: 

  • Reset your digestive and get a fresh start to feeling good in your stomach

  • Gain knowledge of the foods that enhance your well being

  • Move with ease and grace in your physical body

  • Promote confidence around what your digestive symptoms are telling you, and how to address them

  • Tap into your natural cycles of nourishment for energy, and rejuvenation and rest to digest

  • Reconnect to your gut and your inner wisdom of the gut feeling we call intuition

  • Learn simple self care practices for sustainable integration

  • Experience positive ripple effects for your entire wellbeing

  • Pay it forward, invest in yourself and others, contributing to the Heal Your Gut, Trust Your Gut scholarship fund

Heal Your Gut, Trust Your Gut:

  • ​3-month virtual journey of getting to know your digestion, and feel good

  • Access virtual content when it works within your schedule with built in structure, support and accountability

  • Live Q&A’s with Dr. Angela to dive deeper and customize your experience in a safe and sacred space

  • Payment options:

    • 3 monthly payments of $1230

    • Pay in full $3222

Ready to enroll or learn more about how your gut can be the key?

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