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Elemental Alchemy

  • 12Weeks
  • 16Steps


Ancient traditions and cultures turn to nature to optimize vitality. In this program, we explore time tested tools and techniques to reclaim connection to self and the natural world around us. Access the keys that will open the door to your most optimal life. • Knowledge of foods to enhance your well being and their use as kitchen medicine • Move with ease and grace in your physical body • Promote calming peace of mind and ease in your everyday life • Tap into your natural cycles to experience energy, rejuvenation and rest • Reconnect to nature and your inner wisdom of intuition • Learn simple self care practices for sustainable integration • Experience positive ripple effects for you, your loved ones and community • Invest in yourself and others, contributing to the Elemental Alchemy scholarship fund Elemental Alchemy: $2,200.00 • 3 month virtual journey immersing in the 5 Elements of nature and their healing power • Reclaim your innate connection to the Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Aether • Access virtual content at your own pace with support and accountability calls • Q & A’s with Dr. Angela to dive deeper in a safe sacred space to customize your experience Elemental Alchemy: Full price $2,200.00 -or - 3 monthly payments of $734

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