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Health & Wellness

Dr. Angela specializes in a fresh approach to the art of medicine, integrating modern and traditional modalities in joyful ways for health, wellness, and optimal living.

Time to Bloom!!!

Do you crave a legacy of self-care & healing for yourself and generations to come? This is it, an opportunity to invest in health assurance that lasts a lifetime. Dr. Angela will be your guide to educate, encourage and empower you in your optimal health.

About Dr. Angela

Dr. Angela has over two decades of practice and expertise in science, medicine, and the vitality of life.  Dr. Angela started her career in plant biotechnology, researching gene expression in plants, cancer, and infectious disease.


During this time, she realized how our environment impacts gene expression and quality of life. 


Diving deeper into the connection between environment, lifestyle, and preventative health, Dr. Angela attended Naturopathic Medical School and became a doctor.

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What Others Have Said

"Dr. Angela

is a consummate professional who communicates, and treats her patients with respect & understanding. 

Her treatment has proven to be extremely effective."

Lenore G.

"Dr. Wojtowicz,

 Thank you SO much for your advice on food sensitivities!  Wow, what a difference it's made in my life! You're amazing, and I truly value your work and your positive spirit."

Jacqueline G.

"As an athlete I get a lot of injuries. For me, my main injury is always my lower back. I went to Dr. Angela and she showed me some stretches. Instantly I felt better."

Anisa F.

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    This is it - inspired action towards creating and living your most optimal life!


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    A 3 month journey to reclaim your innate connection to the Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Aether.


    & Rise

    A 22 day journey within to discover tools and techniques to tonify & heal your scared pelvic bowl.

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    One Day


    Join Dr. Angela W  and a special guest on an in person retreat in the heart of the Sonoran Desert.

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