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Root & Rise

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Our pelvic bowl and pelvic floor health is key to the way we move through life. Physically, the pelvic bowl provides support and a solid foundation. It is the pillar that holds us up. It allows us to walk, run, jump, play, laugh and dance. It is where the seeds and sprouts of new life are held. Energetically, the pelvic bowl is our seat of creativity, “birthing” new ideas and creative expression that is truly unique to each of us. Physically, the pelvic floor is a dynamic set of muscles, designed to control urination and elimination, contracting and releasing efficiently. Energetically, the pelvic floor is a space of holding and letting go. Key concepts include: • Knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of your pelvic bowl and pelvic floor • Learn simple self care practices that sustainably integrate into your everyday routine • Move with confidence, strength, ease and grace from a solid foundation • Promote calming peace of mind and ease in your everyday life • Tap into your innate wisdom and creativity • Reconnect to your ability to fully participate in life with confidence • Experience positive ripple effects for you, your loved ones and community • Invest in yourself and others, contributing to the Root & Rise scholarship fund Root & Rise: $822.00 • 22 day virtual journey immersing in tools and techniques to tonify and heal your sacred pelvic bowl • Connect to your seat of creativity to promote authentic expression, the art of letting go and a solid foundation

You can also join this program via the mobile app.


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